How to design a diet to suit you?

How to design a diet to suit you?

The perfect diet is the one you will be able to stick to.

Answer these questions to help you get started.

  • What type and level of support do you require?

If you are someone who lacks motivation you are going to need someone to hold you accountable to keep hitting your goals and making sure you are progressing.

  • How much time are you prepared to devote to cooking and prepping your meals?

If you don’t have the patience or time then you will want to have simple foods that you can cook in bulk and get it done quickly, or you may want to purchase frozen meals to suit your calorie needs to make it easy to stick to.

  • How many meals a day would you be able to or like to eat?

Once you have decided that then divide your calories accordingly across all meals.

  • Do you eat out a lot?

If so then you may want to try cut it out or down to minimum, if you can’t cut it down then you will need to find out the calorie/macro content of your common foods so you can allow for it in your day.

  • Do you require treats each day?

Once again you will need to allow for these if you simply can’t live without these.

  • How much exercise are you prepared to do and what type?

This will need to be known in order to calculate your calories accurately.

Calculating calories for any goal you need to take into account your age, height, sex and daily activity level (Job type, training etc).

Then for weight loss you will want to be in a calorie deficit; meaning you need to be burning more than your consuming.

Remember you can’t out train a bad diet.

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